Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Webcam Effect Tested

This is alpha effect that i already tested

This is pixel effect that i already tested

This is random movement effect that i already tested


this is my flowchart for my installation art

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Floor Plan

User will enter from entrance.
Then user will walk along the path

User need to step at A
Then then webcam will detect and become stand by
Interaction will happen when user stap at B

When user step at B
Mirror will show interaction

When user step at C
Effect at mirror will reset into normal

When user step at C
The low light will appear at end of path
as guide to user to come out


Friday, December 4, 2009

Content Development

List of Malay Culture Ghost that i have heard :

Pontianak - vampire in white dress seeking revenge (also known as Kuntilanak in Indonesia)
Polong - unseen ghost that can be used by a black magic practitioner to harm someone.
Toyol - ghostly children used by the owner to steal other people's money.
Pelesit - ghost in grasshopper shape. Used by Black magic practitioner to possess someone.
Hantu Air - water ghost in rivers, pots and seas.
Hantu Kopek / Hantu Tetek - ghost in woman apparition said like to hide children within her big breast, especially during dusk.
Hantu Raya - is a variation of ghost which if owned, the owner will get help with hard labour and protection of his house and orchard. Others will see Hantu Raya have a similar outlook with his owner. During his owner's absence Hantu Raya may have sexual intercourse with his wife in the owner's form.
Hantu Bungkus / Pocong - ghost jumping around wrapped in a white shroud.
Langsuir - variation of the Pontianak.
Hantu Bunian - good ghosts or jinns living in the jungle. Loves to help humans.
Hantu Jepun - World War II Japanese ghosts. They wear WWII army attire and carry samurai swords. Most are headless.
Hantu Bukit - ghosts that haunt the hilly areas.
Hantu Kubur - ghosts that haunt the cemeteries.
Hantu Pari-Pari - fairy ghosts.
Jelangkung - closet ghost.
Hantu Laut - sea ghosts.
Hantu Galah - very tall ghosts. As high as coconut trees.
Jin Tanah - jinns living underground.
Hantu Khairi - usually sucks money and steal money from village people.
Hantu Kum Kum - a female ghost carrying a tombstone as a baby asking for milk.
Orang Minyak - "Oily Man". Rapist who believes in mystical properties of forced sex.
Hantu Penanggal - Heads and intestines flying without body. Loves to suck the blood of a newborn child.
Harimau Jadian - Big tiger ghosts.
Jembalang Tanah - underground ghosts.
Penanggalan - A variation of the vampire myth that apparently began in the Malay Peninsula. Appears as the head of a woman attached to a gastro-intestinal tract.
Si Ruban - A ghost that appears as a flying head. Loves to suck blood.

Understand Fear and Dealing with Ghost Prank

Understanding the psychology of earthbound spirits is very important not only for the ghost investigator but also for people in general as that can enlighten our fear and lessen unnecessary depression that is related to the pranks played by spirits of the dead. Furthermore, death is the beginning of a new life that sheds off the physical body so that we can exist at a higher level of spiritual realm.

However, it seems not that easy to even exist in the spiritual realm unless we can settle every issue that holds us onto the physical world. In fact, the experiences from those who underwent Near Death Experience (NDE) somewhat revealed what would happen beyond death.

However, understanding regarding the phrase ‘words, thoughts and action’ actually has links to our emotional state that is embedded within our inner self. I would like to point out that an emotional stimulus is somehow related to our thinking that basically makes up our personality. Moreover, one’s emotional state somehow brings great impact on how someone behaves. Let me explain the link between one’s emotional states with one’s psychology. Most of the time either positive or negative emotions will reflect one’s own behaviour. Perhaps our facial expression somewhat mirrors the state of our emotions. In fact, positive or destructive emotions followed by positive or negative attitude somehow will give impact to the people around us. Furthermore, negative emotion generates negative energy that will affect our psychology. Why we are able to sense the emotional state of others is because our inner soul that exists in the form of energy that is embedded within us senses the presence of either positive or negative energy.

why is it so important for us to understand the psychology of the dead? Perhaps by understanding the basic nature of humans, and when we consider the spirits who exist in our domain as people therefore, we will definitely be able to understand the nature of earthbound spirits. Furthermore, by implementing respect and reverence for the dead simply means to show our acceptance towards the spirit.

Let’s begin to see the nature of spirit existence. Some people claim that they have seen faceless ghosts, ghosts with normal faces or with horrible looking faces. To see a ghost is one’s special ability that not everyone has. In my opinion, a person’s emotional state will mirror one’s facial expression that expresses his/ her emotional state whether he/she is happy, sad, angry or in whatever emotional state for that moment. In fact, in real life we often see people’s facial expression that expresses their emotional state that may sometimes be caused by anger and end with results that we tend to avoid because of the negative energy that they radiate towards others.

Therefore, this explanation also applies to the facial expression of the ghost that expresses their emotional state. Ghost without a face may relate to the empty mind state or being confused. Meanwhile, a horrible looking face may relate to anger or depression. I believe that by understanding the facial expression and the behaviour patterns of ghost are the easiest way to understand their psychological state. However, most often the spirits of the dead may send the energy to cloud our mind that makes us feel scared, angry, threatened or depressed instead of showing their appearance to the living because the impact is the same and to appear in full apparition somehow requires their intelligence to reassemble a lot of energy. Furthermore, the energy that the ghost radiates can be sensed by our emotional intelligence.

Often the ghost researcher records the voices of the dead that communicates during investigations. In fact, the spirit psychology also can be analysed through the EVP. In my case, someone recently sent me video clips that record nothing but only an EVP with a very low voice that almost could not be heard. However after further analysis, the EVP contained two words i.e. “young man” and after applying reverse speech on those words, the EVP revealed the name of the person who was recording the video. Therefore, it is through their voices captured through the EVP that wanted to communicate with us some message within their psychology state.

Therefore, it is very important for us to understand the psychology of spirits of the dead. The fact is, we fear because we cannot understand the nature of spirit existence, we will start labelling them as ‘demonic’ and we want to destroy the source of our fear. Even worse, if we ourselves don’t have the ability to manage our negative emotions that the IGHS have pointed out, that unstable emotion will create and send out energy that will attract the low level spirits. Furthermore, most often people think that exorcism is the best way to remove malevolent spirits, but the IGHS found that exorcisms will not work. Therefore, the best way to deal with the malevolent spirit is to understand the psychology of the death by altering our own attitude to be more positive.

Malevolent spirits may harm us especially when we force the spirit to depart. In order to deal with malevolent spirits, we ourselves must deal with the sources that make our emotions become unstable that in turn make us psychologically ill.

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